The words are not here, but it’s awesome all the same

I have a topic that I have been trying to write about for a week now. I keep tinkering with it, but can’t quite get it to hang together. I thought I would finish it over the weekend but it keeps coming out wrong. Who knows, maybe it will fall into place soon – for now I am saving it as ‘draft’ again.

What I am focused on at the moment is the sounds of my children playing together on the last day of their school holidays. Lego was given out for some reason at the supermarket today, and has been added to the collection at home. Lego is now sprawled across the floor. Both are playing together, creating a community of likeminded people, all who speak in Valley Girl accents (and breaking into various songs – I hear snippets of ‘Say, Geronimo’ being sung out loud, mixing in with songs from artists like Katie Perry and someone called Samantha Jade. Somehow they blend ….) But they are aligned in their playing – they seem to be in one mind, as they play with a common purpose*.



And I think – this is a time to cherish. And we don’t need to talk about the lecture they were both subjected to a few hours ago, when things were not quite as ‘awesome**’. No, let’s just cherish this time, right now.

Cheers, Helen

*Just as I finish this, Sam declares Samatha Jade ‘officially bad’. So maybe not as common minded as I thought!
** Apologies for the obvious use of ‘awesome’ in connection to lego. Lazy I know, but I couldn’t resist. It’s not even accurate – the word of the moment here is ‘epic’ – silly me!



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