The One Thing

The one thing I should do less often is: fail to fully recognise the assistance of friends or family in making our lives work. Sometimes I am too busy looking forward to appreciate and acknowledge the generosity of others in the present.

The one thing I should do more often is: take the time to look around and appreciate the beauty that is around me – even in our backyard on a bleak winter’s day.

The one thing that inspires me is: people going the extra mile – literally! So many friends completing Run Melbourne today, raising money for great causes. Really fantastic.

The one thing that always makes me smile is: watching my kids when they are happily at play – on their own creating dance routines or ‘epic’ sporting outcomes against the imaginary opposition, together inventing fantastic lego worlds or adjudicating each other’s ‘Australia’s got talent’ competitions, with friends (where I marvel at the differences in playing styles), or in groups, with both kids now into competitive sports. Basketball, gymnastics, footy – in all, different abilities and personalities are displayed.


The one thing that does my head in is: being asked to ‘look after’ (or have dumped on me) items that are a) small and easily lost, b) large/heavy/awkward, or c) voluminous (I only have two hands, guys!), and, as a follow up, then be considered the source of knowledge regarding any objects which may or may not be within the house, irrespective of whether I actually know what any of the other members of my household are talking about.

The one thing I should eat more of is: well, lots of things. Vegies, mainly, plus more protein in the mornings which, along with drinking more water throughout the day, might help me to resist the chocolate cravings that occur too frequently.

The one thing I can do to make the world a better place is: keep positive and keep involved. Targeted my energy towards living out my values and articulating these compassionately will combine to be the best way I can influence positive change as well as being a good role model for my kids.

The one thing I should do for myself right now is: recognise that not everything can be achieved at once. Allow for a steady improvement in key areas over time, and give myself some slack.

The one thing I should say ‘no’ more often to is: letting my emotions jump ahead of my thinking. I need to assume and judge less, question and listen more, stress less and trust in others more.

The one thing I should say ‘yes’ more often to is: opportunities to relax, have fun and be active. In less than a week, we are heading overseas for a month – I am looking forward to this becoming a reality!


My responses to these questions posed by Kelly Exeter were inspired by events over this weekend. I’d love to know what your ‘one things’ are!


2 thoughts on “The One Thing

    1. Thanks Kelly – they were great prompts! (added an extra one, because really has been so impressive the number of friends really pushing themselves with the Run Melb today – all different lengths, for so tributes / fundraisers for some very personal reasons or causes). xx


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