I have something to tell you! 


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My Realisation – I don’t always have to know how things end

I’m in the midst of a bit of soul searching at the moment – thinking through questions like: Who I am? What do I enjoy? What doesn’t work for me? Where are my weaknesses? Are they engrained or are they challenges to overcome? What would I like to be doing, experiencing, being? All good and interesting, but as yet, not a lot of concrete thoughts to share.

I think I am looking for definitive outcomes and answers. But that might not be the case. As soon as I work through one thing, and think I am clearer, it is possible that more questions might emerge. I know that I need to become more comfortable with that – to sit with uncertainty for a while.

I was reminded of this when I stumbled across a short story that I wrote with Sam a couple of years ago. By ‘wrote together’, I mean Sam created a story on the spot while I typed and slightly edited along the way. I love it. Although it ends a little abruptly, it has a main character to support, there is suspense, and it is not neatly wrapped up. But there is joy in reading it (at least, there was for us) and a small insight into my son’s sense of humour. What more could you want? (not necessarily a tidy conclusion, anyway). I hope you enjoy!

I have something to tell you!

(By Sam K and his Mum)


“I have to tell you something”, said the Bear to the Squirrel. “I’m going to eat you!”

“Oh, you are, are you?” said the Squirrel, quickly scampering up the tree. “And how do you think you are going to do that? You can’t even reach me.”

The Bear thought for a moment. He then remembered that he was a bear, and very strong. He could shake the Squirrel out of the tree. He said nothing but moved purposely towards the tree.

The Squirrel also thought for a moment. He too remembered that the Bear was a bear. But he also remembered that he was a Squirrel, and not just any squirrel, but one who had monkey lessons.

So just as the Bear was about to start to shake the tree, the Squirrel leapt across to the next tree, then swung across the branches to the next tree.

As he moved further and further away, he called back to the Bear, “So what was it you were going to tell me??”

The Bear grunted. He hopped on his motorbike. “I was going to say”, he said as he caught up to the Squirrel, “that motorbikes are quicker than Squirrels – even Squirrels who are taught by monkeys.”

And he reached up into the tree and grabbed the Squirrel. “Did you know that?” he asked the Squirrel. And the Squirrel did not.

The End (stay tuned for the next in the series – which we never quite got around to writing!)


2 thoughts on “I have something to tell you! 

  1. Gosh, I love it too! My mind is swimming with trying to figure out what kind of son you have there – an amazing one, this I know! I’m thinking that we squirrels think that monkey lessons will save us, but in the end nature will always have her way… even if that involves using a motorbike. x


    1. Thanks Bron – yes, he’s pretty special (and I think you are right, nature will win in the end. Maybe Sam knew this before I did?) x


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