One word for 2015

One Word for 2015

Have you heard of the idea of picking a word as a theme for the coming year – an overarching goal to help keep you on track? It’s an idea that I came across via Bron from ‘Maxabella Loves‘ and I like it.

One word is nice and simple, easy to keep in mind, so hopefully it will keep me focused and avoid my tendency to ramble, or create extensive and easily forgotten aims for the year.

And it provides the context for what I called my two ‘goals’ in last week’s post (possibly semantics, but I think I should have called them principles instead – they are actually ways to achieve my goal). I’ll talk about them later.

So that’s the background to why I’ve chosen a word for 2015. And the word is:


Why ‘enough’?

This word came to mind when I thought back over what I had been searching for, and trying to write my way to clarity about, in 2014. I’ve been trying to work out:

  • where I was heading – life goals and purpose,
  • why I felt rushed, where my priorities should lie and why,
  • what work would be satisfying, beneficial, and meet my family’s needs,
  • how to have time for me – enough reflective time, time for fitness and better health, time to grow spiritually,
  • how to grow my relationships – how to move from feeling pulled from place to place, how to have enough meaningful time with my husband, kids, friends. How to manage this??

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking, and planning, and reading, and chatting and observing others. I’ve been looking for a path through. And you know what I’ve noticed?

No one has enough time.  Everyone is busy.

At least, everyone who has the luxury of choosing options and lifestyles – this appears to be less the case for those who are struggling to make ends meet who may feel too tired by the difficulties of life to have the space to worry about busyness – see this and this.

Actually, that’s not completely true. There are some people who seem to have their busyness under control – at least, for the most part. Those who seem to me to be less rushed or busy appear to have made a choice. They have chosen (whether or not in so many words) to say: Enough.


  • They say- ‘I have enough’

They recognise that they have enough things, or financial stability, or confidence in the future that they stress less about what the future might bring. New opportunities may come along – through their actions or unexpectedly. Great. They’ll take up these opportunities if they can and want to. They’ll decide to acquire new possessions if they can and it fits with their aspirations and values. Maybe they’ll choose to give up something as a result – but that is a decision that can be made at the time. If new opportunities don’t eventuate, well, that’s ok too.


  • They say – ‘I am enough’

They have enough confidence in themselves enough of the time that they don’t need to be validated externally, to prove their worth to others. If the accolades come, that’s nice too – but they don’t NEED them. This provides a freedom in how they chose to spend their time – with friends, giving back to others – without the need for this validation.


  • They have said – I am worth enough

Even if they don’t have the same basis in faith as me, they know that everyone, including themselves, is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.* We are all worthy in our own right. And as such, they allow themselves, as best they can, to take care of themselves – not to feel guilty for carving time for exercise, eating well, allowing themselves space.

No wonder when I was thinking ‘is there a word that I would like to sum up 2015 for me?’, the word ‘enough’ sprung into my mind.

That’s not to say I don’t have some outcomes I would like to achieve this year. I do – some that I have committed to already and some which are evolving. However, I don’t intend to pin my self-worth on whether or not I achieve them, as long as I’ve tried.

And how does the word ENOUGH fit with last week’s guiding principles?

It is easy to write that I will be focused on ‘enough’ for this year. But I think that, to stick with it, I will need to remember two additional principles:

1.   Choose discomfort over resentment. I have started trying this and it is HARD – but I know it is necessary.

2. Recognise the need for flexibility. It’s one thing to say I will adopt the word ‘Enough’ as my 2015 guiding word, but I know I will slip back into old ways from time to time, and there may be influences outside of me that require me to be more open to change. I’ll need to remember not to be too hard on myself


And with this, I’ve probably written enough. I hope your 2015 is wonderful, too!

Do you have a guiding word for the year?

Join in with Maxabella Loves and link up over here!

* Psalm 139:14 – always good to remember …


11 thoughts on “One word for 2015

  1. Oh Helen, it’s perfect. It’s contentment and striving and pausing and gratitude all in one. I know you are continuing your inner-delving in a big way this year, so remembering that you are enough is so important. Just because we feel the need to make changes in our life, doesn’t invalidate all that we’ve already become. Happy new year to you, Heldn. x


    1. Thanks Bron! I think it will be a good word to come back to throughout the year! (including how to deal with this blog) I need to tap into some courses or sources to work out how to promote it, encourage people to ‘like’ it, make it easier to comment etc, and therefore dealing with my discomfort over marketing, while at the same time not judging its worth on the number of comments (particularly as I get comments from family and friends who just don’t like to comment online). The comments I do get are lovely – I really appreciate yours – and that’s what I need to remember. Happy new year to you too! x


    1. Thanks Deb – our words are very much related, aren’t they? Off to read your blog too – I’ve been dipping into it at times (always good value!) but haven’t caught up recently. Hope you are enjoying a good start to the new year. Cheers, Helen


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