Things that made me go – hmmm


In the late 80s and early 90s, C&C Music Factory were big, and one of their biggest hits was ‘Things that make you go hmmm‘. If you don’t remember it, you should check it out, – I guarantee you’ll be walking around with the song in your head!


I’ve just discovered the song was inspired by a regular segment of the same name that Arsenio Hall included in his talkback show (yes, who knew he had a show? Gosh, it’s a long time ago), where he shared things of interest to him, which, of course, made him go ‘hmmm’. Not ranting – more just a ‘hmmm, interesting’ way of thinking. More than 20 years later, I have the same idea – how about that?

Anyway, some of the things I’ve found made me go ‘hmmm’ lately – here goes:

People who choose unusual names for kids.

This week, a french court declared ‘Nutella’ was not a suitable name for a girl, and directed that her name be changed to ‘Ella’. While Nutella wouldn’t be my choice (we’re a bit conservative here), I still haven’t moved past hearing the proposed name ‘la-a’ (pronounced ‘ladasha, of course), even though it was apparently declared illegal (and there are quite a few ‘you-kneek’ ones on this list.

I’m not judging though. We possibly went too far the other way, checking possible abbreviations, name meanings and so on. Others might say ‘got no time for that’. Hmmm.


When did ‘superfoods’ become a ‘thing’? (was it in the last four years or so – or earlier?) It seems to be everywhere now. Who decides these lists? Who decided we actually need ‘superfoods’ (I guess the food industry, but anyway).

And does anyone actually adhere to them?  Will anyone actually eat charcoal, amaranth (which I’ve never heard of ) or bone broth this year? (actually I have heard the broth one, but I shudder a bit at the thought).

One good thing is that cauliflower has apparently ‘dethroned’ kale as the ‘superfood of the year’ (wonder how cauliflower is celebrating this elevation?). From my point of view – Woo hoo! No more stringy, nasty weedy things in meals, and pitiful attempts to make to make it palatable (if you are ever tempted to make salted chocolate kale cake, let me just suggest – no.)


I’m a bit behind the 8 ball on this – I know they have been around for a while, but they are not really me (I think maybe tall and willowy can get away with it). But the suitability or not has come up because of my nearly 7 year daughter and her desire to be fashionable.

My husband is adamant that they are a 1970s flashback, and dumpy looking at the same time. What’s your view? I’m still just on the fence, pondering.

An approach to reducing self generated stress.

I read this post from Kirsty Morton who blogs at .  In reading it, I quickly moved from going ‘hmmm’ to ‘aha’!, when I read these paragraphs:

Recently I listened to a podcast from Michael Hyatt, where he discussed the importance of starting the day in the “right” manner. He believes most people “wake up in the morning feeling like, “I didn’t get enough sleep.” Then they get to the end of the day thinking, “I didn’t get enough done.”

“So you always feel behind. You always feel the sense of lack.” …

Quick What do I Do? What’s the Simple Change?

Well it sure is pretty simple. Start your day intentionally. Spend time first thing in the morning doing something that allows you to be present. Michael Hyatt believes by taking this time to focus on your intentions, you are setting the pace (and mood) for the entire day.

I definitely fall into the category of feeling ‘I haven’t got enough’ done, plus ‘I’m not ready to get up’. This does breed a ‘sense of lack’ – I don’t have enough time, I don’t feel rested, I don’t feel ready for the day.

By allowing myself only 15 minutes or so to set my mind right for the day ahead, and, by doing some stretches or a brief set of exercises – not onorous at this stage – I think I can help tame the lack. And that could make me go ‘ahhhh’ (wouldn’t that be wonderful?)

How about you? Have there been things that made you go ‘hmmmm’ lately?



14 thoughts on “Things that made me go – hmmm

  1. I loved Kirsty’s post too – it has opened my eyes these past few mornings in a way they needed to be opened. As for things that make me go hmmmm – people that drive cars too fast in our quiet little estate, women who sit next to your family at the sushi train and spend the whole time listening to our conversation and rolling her eyes at us. definitely hmmm xx


    1. Somewhat inappropriately, I read Kirsty’s post after 12 at night (so bad, and so hard to get up with enough time to put it into place before work) – and then I’ve been early morning sausage sizzling / fundraising until now (and one new ‘hmmm’ was the number of people who have both mustard and tomato sauce on their sausage. Who knew?). But I’m starting Kirsty’s approach tomorrow!

      Re. your sushi train example – Some people are strange, aren’t they? I think I’d be tempted to ask people listening in in distain to join in the conversation – it will probably either change their approach or mean they scamper away (either way a good outcome!) xx


  2. Thank for the link to the podcast…
    Things that make me go hmmm, I work in retail, the list is long. But I would have to say people who open stock and destroy the packaging in the process, then ask for a new unopened one.


    1. Sorry I missed this Julie and hopefully you still see the response

      I agree that that would be annoying. I remember working in retail too – David Jones lingerie department – for a number of years during uni, and one thing I hated was that we had a policy at that stage of pretty much taking back anything – including underwear that had fallen apart, clearly after multiple washes, spindrying, etc (cotton doesn’t go grey THAT quickly). That made me annoyed (it wasn’t my business, of course, so I wasn’t directly affected, but still – really contemptuous of us to think we would believe it)


  3. Oh Helen – you’re superfoods made me laugh. I use and/ or have all of them. Charcoal for teeth cleaning – so great! Kale in salads or cooked…or as Kale chips (with sea salt) – YUM. Amaranth is a delicious gluten free grain and I love it. Bone broth has so many healing properties for the immune system – colds, flu, chronic fatigue syndrome….I encourage you to try some of these superfoods – you might be surprised! Do you go “hmm” at a banana or an avocado? They’re classified as “superfoods” too and you probably like those? xx


    1. I might have to try some, Katie (or variation of – I think if I make a fairly watery beef soup, it would probably be similar?) Very happy with Kale chips, and yes, love bananas, avocados, unprocessed yoghurt, blueberries, quinoa, chia (all of which I think have been superfoods in the past?)

      I just find it funny that there ‘superfoods 2015’ – the term reminds me of ‘supermodels’ from the 80s. I imagine all the food lined up, like an awards ceremony – Vote for me! Vote for me! (oh that quinoa, that’s so 2013). Hopefully they don’t lose their health benefits if they are not in the 2015 group!


  4. This post definitely made me chuckle. I’m a Dietitian and agree with you about the super-foods thing…and don’t tell anyone but I’ve never actually bought or cooked with kale! *gasp*


    1. Thanks for your comment, Jacqueline! I would love to love Kale (because it is so easy to grow!) but, other than kale chips, no, not really. Very happy with cauliflower, as I’ve said – I like the idea of locally grown, reasonably low cost, and not too ‘faddy’ (and even better if the kids will eat them!)


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