You’ve got to roll with it …

I had a post ready to go, but I can’t access it. Maybe it’s the thunderstorm rumbling around our city at the moment. Maybe it’s the computer playing up. Who knows? But this time, rather than getting stressed, I’m going to ‘roll with it” (yes, just at this moment, I’m a little inspired by Oasis, possibly because I am picturing one of the Gallagher brothers having a tantrum on my behalf – saves me going to the effort!).

So here’s a step back in time!

You gotta roll with it

  • You gotta take your time
  • You gotta say what you say
  • Don’t let anybody get in your way
  • ‘Cause it’s all too much for me to take

Rolling with it is something I am trying to learn to get better at. When my meeting, where I planned to present the approach I have been working on for two weeks, was cancelled with no explanation – I tried (and kind of succeeded) to roll with it.

When my child was in tears as she sought to navigate the complexity of friendships with other girls – I restructured my afternoon so I could take my time‘.

I’ve also been continuing to work out how to pare back my commitments, or my processes to get things done, so I am not rushing. To live well, I know I gotta take my time – rushing does not work well for me.

When I strongly disagreed with current policy directions in my work (not to mention at a federal level – wooh, what a week, again! Wonder how many more times I will say this?), I did feel that, on social media, and with my family, I ‘gotta say what I say‘ about how I felt.

But when a van attempted to cut me off in traffic on Monday, and then a car sped out of a car park right in my way on Thursday, I decided that, contrary to Oasis’ advice, ‘Don’t let anybody get in your way, I would, in fact, let them in.

After all, you can’t take the words of Oasis words too literally. I mean, we used to love to sing to Wonderwall the top of our voices at Bobby McGees (or similar – for those not familiar, picture a dodgy nightclub in the mid 90s, filled with 20-30 year olds in suits, and you get the idea). But have you read those words lately? I have (to write this post) but, is it the ultimate complement to be considered a ‘wonderwall’? I’m not sure.

All I know is that I have just written my quickest post, and I’m going to leave accessing the earlier one for another day – ‘Cause it’s all too much for me to take‘ (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

How about you? How’s your week been? And have you needed to just ‘roll with it?’


12 thoughts on “You’ve got to roll with it …

  1. I hereby propose a “let someone in” day. I cannot believe the agro of people in cars. If you bumped into someone accidentally on the street, would they abuse you or would you both say a polite excuse me? What is it about the protection of a metal box that brings out the worst in people.
    I pledge “Of course, welcome to my lane. Please enter before me. You’re welome. Enjoy your day :)”


  2. A great pledge, Rachel – I will follow suit!

    I’ve got to admit though that part of my concern was that I had already had my car damaged last week – a P plater who changed his mind about turning at the intersection and instead decided to reverse back instead, without checking that he had a queue behind him (a hard way to learn a lesson). But he was great – admitted liability, gave full details, and so on. It’s the only accident for years, and so I was dreading another. I was fortunate that the one accident I had was with someone who was not abusive!)


    1. Thanks Bele! (and great to have been introduced to your blog – great posts to read, and beautiful images (which cannot be rushed, either, I’d imagine) x


  3. I’m reading this after having a very ‘non roll with it’ day yesterday. All my resilience flew the coop and every roadblock I faced had me in the foetal position!! Thankfully, today is a new day and I feel much more back in the ‘roll with it’ groove!


    1. Glad to hear Kel – I had a similar feeling too (felt like chucking it all in yesterday, but fortunately today much better). Love it when I can roll with it a bit more!


    1. Thanks, Tess! I have one partly written now, and was wondering if it was a little cheesy to include the music reference but I think I will keep it in, thanks to your encouragement! Glad you liked it (off to read yours, and now remembered I need to respond to a Liebster nomination too. Gulp!)


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