One perfect day

So often, I find myself rushing. Mentally rushing through a list of things I have to / want to do. Physically rushing from one activity or place to another, trying to squeeze just one more thing in. It doesn’t always have to be that way. Sometimes this is self created chaos, and sometimes I can actually pause and slow down. So often I don’t though, so I think it is important to celebrate the times when I do actually follow through.

So this is an account of a pretty great day I had recently. I’d love to know of your days, or moments where you thought ‘yes, this is pretty special’ too!

Time was created

The stars were aligned. My husband was not working on Friday evening, and, other than kids’ sporting commitments, we had no plans. I had a birthday lunch on the Saturday – a surprise for a close friend at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula. The forecast was for a fine weekend, with temperatures in the mid to high 30s. And no one else was using the family beach house.

‘Why don’t you go down on the Friday night? You can have some time to yourself in the morning and then get to the lunch without rushing’ suggested my husband. And so I did. And it turned out to be a pretty wonderful 24 hours.

Time to myself and time to reflect

It was peaceful when I arrived, and with the limited housing and street lights nearby, the brightness of the stars stood out in the clean night sky. No one else was there, so I did something I haven’t done for years, and lay on the grass (and then the trampoline, which was more comfortable), just looking up and watching them.

I am fascinated by stars. I find something comforting about them which goes beyond what they look like (although that is important too, and is probably why I have a number decorating our home.).

Looking at them, knowing I am down here, and they are up there gives me comfort. Things are as they should be. All is right.

I then went to bed, with the luxury of reading for a long time but still managing to get to sleep early – with no nightly interruptions. Bliss.

Time for exercise

I got up a bit later than intended, but with enough time for a ‘run’ (as I like to call it – ‘shuffle’ might be more accurate) along the cliff-top near the house. Stunning weather, as you can see – lovely to be able to also go along the beach, even if it did involve lots of steps down and a steep slope up.




The beach at the end of the street (two doors down) from our place – steep, but very much worth it!


Time with friends

After the run, I got ready at a leisurely pace and headed to the Montalto winery in Red Hill  South. The quality of my phone (since I lost our camera) would not have done it justice, so have a look on their website – it’s a beautiful venue.

The surprise lunch for our friend actually was just that (so often they are not) – so well played by her husband in organising it! Lovely to have time with just a few close friends for a very leisurely lunch, plus stroll around the sculpture garden, and a quick drink back at their apartment.

Even the kangaroo lazing at their property seemed to find the day relaxing! (photo taken from the balcony).


Time to wander

I then decided to make the most of my time away – I do enjoy the opportunity for time to myself. I don’t often spend time on this side of the Peninsula, despite how lovely it is. I took myself down to Flinders, and dropped in on friends who have recently started renovating their place.

So impressed by the work they have been doing!  (if I could share it, I would, but I think it is pretty distinctive for those in the locality, so I’d like to keep it private for them. However, just picture a beautiful old farm house, with 12 foot ceilings, double hung windows with extra levels of glass above, secluded grounds, and you start to get the picture). Beautiful – and lovely to see friends at home and enjoying what they are helping to restore.

It was a perfect late afternoon to walk along the Flinders foreshore, out on the pier, watching families playing on the sand, people kayaking, and boats returning from a day’s fishing.



Time to float

One thing I hadn’t done yet was swim, despite the magnificent weather. I headed back to the beach house, quickly packed my things, and then headed to one of our nearby beaches. Port Phillip Bay can be chilly. By late February though, it’s warmed to a wonderful temperature which is still very refreshing on a warm day.

I plunged in and briefly swam a few strokes. Then I turned on my back and just floated. Floated and watched the clouds starting to gather above, wispy and light. There was no humidity – not yet (that would come the next day), and the day was remaining fine. I continued to float for a while, knowing I had the chance to relax and could just absorb the changes I was seeing as sunset approached. The sky was starting to show streaks of pinks and oranges, which were reflected on the cliffs and sand. The world appeared to be turning to richer and darker. The day was ending.

But there still was enough time to enjoy it, for just a little longer, enveloped in the warm water. And so I did – before swimming back to shore, wrapping myself in my towel, and driving back to Melbourne.

Time for me

All in all – a pretty perfect day. And one factor was key – time.

Slowing down and having time for important events and activities turns out to be very important for me. However, I don’t really allow myself the opportunity to do this very often. I’m so grateful to have been able to a couple of weeks ago, and grateful to my husband for suggesting it.


How about you? How would you describe your perfect day? And have you had one lately? What do you think we can do to make the most of the opportunities when they come our way?

8 thoughts on “One perfect day

    1. I do love spending time with my family – but even more when I can be mentally and emotionally present with them, and being refreshed is a good way to be present! I agree, it is very important to have some time – I hope you get the chance soon! x


    1. Thank you – they don’t come around that often, so make the most of them, I say! Hope you also get a ‘perfect day’ soon, too


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