And now I tackle the topic of success … the last in the ‘failure’ series

Reblogging – as this is registering as published three weeks ago (so it is hard to find). However, the fact it didn’t show up doesn’t mean a fail (I’m staying on theme here!), just more things to learn about wordpress. Anyway – please have a read and I’d love to know your thoughts. Cheers, Helen

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I’ve been grappling with the issue of failure for a couple of weeks. I’d now like to flip it and look at success.

Yes, I know! Soon I’m going to write about something completely superficial – I promise – but I feel like I need to wrap up this series with a little exploration on success, succeeding, and being a ‘successful person’.

What do we mean by ‘success’?

Success is the opposite of failure, isn’t it? That’s what we are striving for – to be successful? (and  I thought so initially, but after tossing it around in my mind, I’m less sure. At least – without writing this out, I wasn’t clear that I knew what I meant by ‘success’.

  • Are we ‘successful’ if we achieve our goals – or is success determined by some other measure, for instance, living against a set of values? Are we the ones to make that call?

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