Do you still do the things you used to love to do?

I’m just back from watching Pitch Perfect 2 today. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a really fun movie, with lots of jokes, endearing and cringing moments, and great dancing. But for me, it’s all about the singing. Songs and vocal arrangements that keep going around and around in my head.

For the past five or six hours, I can’t get the music out of my head. I’m not getting the full soundtrack, unfortunately – mostly an ear-worm loop of ‘please don’t stop the.. please don’t stop the …please don’t stop the music’ segue-ing into Simple Minds ‘Don’t you forget about me’ (mixed in with a bit of Belinda Carlisle) but that’s ok. I have a compulsion to sing. Dramatically. However, everyone here is now asleep, so I am singing on the inside now.

It’s been some time since I have sung on a regular basis – very much a pre-kids activity. I never sang in a serious capacity, and wasn’t really an improvisor, but I loved the chance to sing as part of a group or as a soloist. And of course, I loved the fact that, by singing at their weddings, I could contribute to a number of friends’ special days. However lately – I’m not singing so much. I’m not sure why it has dropped off the agenda, but on days like today, I really miss it.

The same thing happens when the Wimbledon Championships or the Australian Open comes around. I wonder to myself, ‘Why did you ever give up tennis?’ Every now and again, I’ll have a bit of a hit, or maybe a game – but not very regularly.

And I wonder – is it a reflection of the season of life that I am in – there is only so much time to fit things in? Or is it a matter of making the time? I am thinking the latter – as a voracious book worm growing up, I’d lost the mojo for reading until a few years ago. However, now the passion is back with a vengeance, and maybe the same could be true for singing and tennis (just to name a couple).

Maybe I need to shift the way I think about social events, and see where these activities I love can be woven in.

  • Maybe, rather than going out for lunch with friends, we could play a game of tennis?
  • Maybe, when the kids are looking at trying a new activity, I can suggest learning tennis (or better still, have a hit with them – which won’t be the same as a proper match, but might generate some interest)?
  • Maybe I could overcome the self consciousness that I feel at social events and get up the front for a sing along (Not the dancing though – I’ll leave that to others)

Have you ever taken up an activity again that you used to do when you were younger?

What inspired you?

Any tips for someone who would like to get over her self consciousness?

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4 thoughts on “Do you still do the things you used to love to do?

  1. Hey Helen. Lots of people in that very same place. As you know I started tennis again last year, and feels really good! Time remains a problem, but I try to get to my weekly sessions as often as I can. Advice: just do it! Don’t have to play your best game ever, just play it for the enjoyment. Hope we can have a hit some time (and the kids too…)
    We now have membership at East camberwell, so access to courts, which makes all the difference of course. Have a good week.


    1. How did I not register that you started tennis again last year? We would love to have a hit some time – we should tee something up soon! x


  2. We saw the movie on Friday night and there is a little tab open up on my computer with Titanium lyrics from my daughter who has been singing all of yesterday. Loved it.
    I am an old blogger who stopped and after a couple of years break started this new blog only recently because a/ I really felt I wanted to blog again and b/ I wanted to create a bucket list of all the things that twirled around in my head that I still wanted to do in life. Some really simple, some more daring. One simple thing on my bucket list was to play netball again. I’m almost 40 and I haven’t played since I was in high school, but I remember, I got this. Last week I strained my calf muscle and am still hobbling around with an expected 4-8 week break. Buggger it! Not how I saw my revamped netball career to go lol. But nonetheless I’m still hoping to recover and see out the rest of the season with my team. But then I think I’ll tick it off my list and cheer my daughter on instead. I think singing is a good one. Its fairly safe, and it sounds like you really enjoyed it.


    1. Good on you for getting back to blogging and netball (although not so good with the calf muscle – ouch). I’ve joined the gym and am going a few times a week, to slowly get my fitness back up to enjoy tennis again, and yes, I think more singing is a great idea too (I’m looking out for opportunities)!


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