My recent insights into the world of blogging

Kidspot Voices of 2015 launch and Masterclass

Last weekend, I went to my first event – presentations and workshops – related to the world of internet blogs. I’ve written here about my nervousness prior to the event, and how reframing this anxiety as excitement / action (butterflies within who are there to help me).

However, I was more focused on describing the persona I gave my butterfly (Jason Statham, specifically – I will spare you more photos, as there is a wealth on the other post), and haven’t actually shared about the event itself.

Rather than share my wrap of the day though, I will point you in the direction of some other great sites, which have already done so.

Kidspot Masterclass and Voicesof2015

One thing I am learning is that sharing is caring in this blogging community. Fortunately a number of people have already written their perceptions of the day. In turn, I’d like to share them with you. For those of you who love, or are yet to discover, the joys of blogs, here are some great ones to explore. And for those who are already involved, but couldn’t be there, there is some great messages and teaching.

One of the lovely ladies I met was Tonia (with the blog Tonia with an Eye), along with Dani from Eat my Street. Tonia’s recent post provides a great description of the value of meeting and reconnecting with fellow bloggers, and really captures the mood of the day. I particularly liked her comment ‘I did come home agog at this inspiring community of online movers and shakers‘ – I felt very similar.

And, as a result of meeting Dani, I now know someone else who is part of the online course I am doing (which I have written about below). Dani’s blog is already lovely –  check it out – but I think all of us doing the course will be learning a lot more.

Sarah from The Routine Queen is a new-ish blogger, like me. She has captured a lot of my impressions – being a bit amazed and impressed by the amount of information, generosity and friendliness in the room. She captures it really well here, including her comment:

Being a new blogger I went along expecting to feel like a fish out of water but in fact what happened was the exact opposite. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The room was filled with so many amazing bloggers- some just starting out like me and many of whom I have admired for some time from afar. I had quite a few fan girl moments (hello Pip from Meet me at Mikes, Kelly from Be a Fun Mum!!) but the thing that struck me the most was how supportive and helpful everyone was. For a bunch of women all doing the same thing you’d expect there to be a bit of competition but nope, not a sniff of it. Here were these people who had managed to turn blogging into a full time career and they were sharing their ‘secrets’ with us.

Very true. Plus, I usually manage to avoid photos and then regret it, but thanks to Sarah, I can show you something of the day:


(Note - I'm second from the right, Sarah is in the middle, next to her 
sister Bel, from  Life at no2, and I was really pleased to meet Michaela 
from Not Another Slippery Dip, who I've been following for a few months. 
Nice when these things come together!)

Em Hawker has been blogging for a number of years, and seems to have the knack of capturing the key lessons from these workshops down pat. Her post ‘Seven Things I learnt from the #voicesof2015 Masterclass‘ provides an excellent summary of the day, including:

  • You have something important to say
  • Blogging is hard work
  • Work smarter
  • Don’t spend your life on social media
  • Engagement isn’t the same as community
  • The people who work for brands are just people
  • Sometimes you need to let (it) go

I recommend you read Em’s synopsis, and while you are there, browse throughout her post (particularly if you are a lover of the English language, and tips on writing).

Blogging with Pip (online course)

I’d been thinking about it for a while, but the masterclass convinced me that a more specific, beginners course, in blogging would be really beneficial.

Blogging people will know of Pip (she has a big following, and coordinated the Kidspot Day). Crafty / decorator-y people will know of Pip from her (former) shop in Fitzroy Meet me at Mike’s, and her numerous books on the topic. She is someone who knows what she is talking about.


So I signed up to Pip Lincolne’s on line course Blog with Pip, which started on Wednesday, and runs for four weeks.

The course covers a wealth of topics, including:

  • Setting up your blog
  • Your niche
  • Blog good looks (I am particularly keen to learn how to better present my blog, with less things that ‘look skanky’ and more that ‘look rad’.)
  • How to write great blog posts (the kind people will love reading!)
  • Blog inspiration
  • Social media smarts (foreign sounding terms like basic SEO – I do know it stands for ‘Search engine optimisation’, but beyond the name, not much more – HTML basics, strategy and success)
  • Growing your readership and media mentions
  • Building community and using your blog for good

I’m now starting to get stuck into it.

Lots to learn, lots of people to get to know, lots of lessons to apply – there is a lot to this blogging caper!

But it’s all good.

Sharing the info – I’d love to know your experiences of plunging into new worlds (blogging or otherwise), and your highlights!


8 thoughts on “My recent insights into the world of blogging

  1. Lovely post Helen and thank you for the kind shout-out. I’m so pleased to see you’re doing Pip’s course, I look forward to hearing more about that; it sounds like a great program. p.s. I love that photo – would you believe I didn’t even see that centrepiece in the room? Think I was getting a tad weary at the end of the day!


    1. Tonia, I didn’t notice it either and I was standing right in front of it! It was probably only because I had a couple of drinks that I stayed for the photo (otherwise I would have probably slunk away somewhere else) but I’m glad I did. Pip’s course is really good – we have access now to all the material plus online chats and a facebook page – so I think all of us doing it will get a lot out of it.


    1. Yes, I just saw your name in the facebook discussions. There’s a lot to take in, isn’t there? – I’m trying to clear some space to absorb it all! (and I loved your summary of last Saturday, so happy to share!)


    1. It was great, Son – such an insight (it was so close to home, and so inexpensive, that I hadn’t really appreciated how much value there would be in it). But there will be more events coming up, I’m sure! xx


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