Taking stock – August 2015


Can you believe that we are almost half way through August already? It feels like spring is just around the corner, which is great, but that we are also rushing towards Christmas, which is less so (the year is passing so quickly).

Sometimes when life is passing so quickly, it can be good to stop and pause for a moment, to notice what is going on.  That’s why I like this list of prompts, from Pip Lincolne – titled ‘Taking Stock’. I wrote this yesterday, as Thursday is a perfect day for taking stock – the one day in the week when I have time, between school hours, without work, children, or other set commitments. Time for me (and the list of things I want to get done). Time to reflect on where I am at.

Today, I have been:

  • Making : a photo book of our family trip to Europe last August (a year ago – sigh)
  • Cooking : a beef ragu for dinner
  • Drinking : Ginger and lemongrass tea (which is surprisingly enjoyable, and a great way to wean off diet coke)
  • Reading: One True Thing, by Nicole Hayes (and loving it)
  • Wanting: a new phone – can I justify it?
  • Looking: at possible travel destinations for mid next year (loving the forward planning and dreaming)
  • Playing: FIFA 2016 with my son
  • Deciding: Which sports the kids will do over summer, as registrations are due
  • Wishing: Our holiday to Queensland started tomorrow, rather than in a month
  • Enjoying: My visit to my Grandmother, who has recently settled into her retirement home (at 101)
  • Waiting: for Saturday, when I can sleep in a bit (yay!)
  • Liking: the fact that I got to the gym today
  • Wondering: whether I will live as long as my grandmother – and if that is the case, whether I can deny that now I am in my forties, I am classified as ‘middle aged’. Also wondering why this term disturbs me so much)
  • Loving: the notes my seven year old daughter has been leaving for me recently
  • Pondering: why there is so much ‘outrage’ in the world, and in my work as an urban planner (how can we turn the tempers down?)
  • Considering: whether to watch TV with my husband, read more of my book, or go to bed once I finish this.
  • Watching: Despite myself, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ (because my husband is now watching it, and I love a bit of British quiz show action)
  • Hoping: that both children will sleep through the night and not wander / sleep-walk.
  • Marvelling: that my daughter initiated the clean-up of her room last weekend and it is still tidy!
  • Needing: to keep going to the gym (good start today)
  • Smelling: the jonquils from the garden – perfect winter smells
  • Wearing: Pyjamas, slippers and a blanket (snuggled ready for bed)
  • Following: the updates from two conferences that I would love to be at – which are at different ends of the country right now
  • Noticing: my dog snuggled at my feet
  • Knowing: I am tired and should go to bed
  • Thinking: how to frame my blog more around urban planning issues, to help raise understanding and do my bit to ‘tame the outrage’
  • Feeling: satisfied that I had a day where I got a lot done, including down time with the kids. This balance is rare, and to be cherished
  • Admiring: some beautiful homes and gardens in my neighbourhood, for once not necessarily feeling envious, just enjoying them
  • Sorting: priorities and goals – putting into place steps to make sure that ‘The Main Thing is the Main Thing’
  • Buying: less (or trying to)
  • Getting: excited that my son’s footy finals start this weekend
  • Bookmarking: so many articles from 99u.com
  • Disliking: most of the federal government’s policies
  • Opening: another book sent from Allen and Unwin
  • Giggling: at the way my husband teases the kids – and how they relish it
  • Feeling: grateful that my friend showed me the Allen and Unwin website (and the competitions to win free books).
  • Snacking: not saying, because I shouldn’t be snacking (but I am)
  • Coveting: a library room (maybe one day)
  • Wishing: my cousin recovers from pneumonia soon
  • Helping: my parents out a little bit while they are away
  • Hearing: the songs my daughter flicks between, while working out her dance routines

If you’d like to use this list too (it’s a great way to take note of here and now), here’s a blank list below:

  • Making :
  • Cooking :
  • Drinking :
  • Reading:
  • Wanting:
  • Looking:
  • Playing:
  • Deciding:
  • Wishing:
  • Enjoying:
  • Waiting:
  • Liking:
  • Wondering:
  • Loving:
  • Pondering:
  • Considering:
  • Watching:
  • Hoping:
  • Marvelling:
  • Needing:
  • Smelling:
  • Wearing:
  • Following:
  • Noticing:
  • Knowing:
  • Thinking:
  • Feeling:
  • Admiring:
  • Sorting:
  • Buying:
  • Getting:
  • Bookmarking:
  • Disliking:
  • Opening:
  • Giggling:
  • Feeling:
  • Snacking:
  • Coveting:
  • Wishing:
  • Helping:
  • Hearing:

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