A Fathers’ Day story worth sharing

This is a story about a family that we met through my son’s basketball ‘career’. It is both sad and uplifting, and a story that really warrants sharing. So I would love it, as would the family, if after reading this, you could share it with others.

About two and a half years ago, Sam started club basketball. He plays on a Saturday, and trains during the week. One of the joys of basketball has been the teammates and families that we have met and become friends with – this was a surprise to me, as basketball is only a quick game, but it’s been a lovely surprise nonetheless.

Source: www.acceleratedcenter.com441804328652399
Source: http://www.acceleratedcenter.com441804328652399

One of the families we met in the early days of basketball was the Waring family. Felix was in Sam’s team, and his little brother Rafferty was there too, running around the court, both brought to training and matches by their father, Simon. After a few weeks, we became aware that the family were suffering from the deaths of Simon’s wife and the boys’ mother, Millsom, and their little brother, Marmaduke. Both had died from cancer very recently.

This is an unimaginable experience for most of us, and I am sure it is for the Waring family. However, Simon was always lovely and warm and welcoming, and open about their experiences.

This Sunday, the Melbourne Herald Sun featured an article ‘Why being a dad is so special to me‘* . It provides a link to a lovely short film about their experience and the value of palliative care, titled Marmaduke’s story – Childhood Cancer. An overview of the purpose of the short film is found here.


To watch the film please click on the following link Marmaduke’s story – Childhood Cancer.


In Simon’s words:

‘I found that, in grief, instinctively, gratitude is an easier path for me than loss. With gratitude, I’m grateful for what I have so I celebrate their lives and their memories, and it values them in a sense. So I can think of them and I can think of the wonderful times we had together, the times we shared. So yes, yes, it was a short journey, but it was so rich and there’s plenty to celebrate and I thrive on it now.’ 

As one of our basketball ‘family’ members said in response to the article and the short film – ‘if we all could live as he does – concentrate on being grateful for what is or was rather than what is missing – the world would be a better place’.


I really encourage you to watch this short film and share it – Simon and his daughter Charlotte provide amazing insight and comfort in the way they have dealt with their loss. I particularly encourage you to share it if you know people who might be going through similar experiences.


Source: Simon, with the producer and director of the short film

Finally, please consider donating to Palliative Care Australia – they do wonderful work.




*This is a Melbourne Herald Sun subscriber only article – so it is accessible if you have a subscription to the Herald Sun.


4 thoughts on “A Fathers’ Day story worth sharing

  1. I deeply admire the values of that man, Simon. Gratitude will, indeed, comfort us in times of loss. Counting what we have will create a feeling of peace and happiness. Thanks for sharing this story.

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