An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

This is a wonderful, painful letter written by Mike Cullen, who writes a blog called ‘Writing in Shadows’. I thought I’d shared it on my Facebook page, but no, it’s appeared on the blog. However, I’d like to leave it here, as I think it is really worth sharing. It expresses so well the impact of bullying on kids who are seen as ‘different’ – in Mike’s case, because he is gay – and stresses how important good leadership, and supporting programs, are overcome prejudices and to remove / reduce cruelty at schools that no kids should suffer. Time for the Government – and everyone who has been opposed to programs such as Safe Schools, but who have not proposed meaningful alternatives – to step up and show much more compassion than they have to date.


Writing in Shadows

Dear Prime Minister,

I wasn’t sure how to address your government’s latest announcement yesterday. The age old belief that announcing unpopular moves late on Friday no longer has the same power it did in the years before social media. Social media now means an unpopular announcement now trends on Twitter within minutes of the announcement and, if it’s on a Friday, that announcement has the weekend to fester and build momentum.

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