Love … thy will be done

Prince performing at Wembly Stadium, source: The Guardian
Prince performing at Wembly Stadium, source: The Guardian


Love, thy will be done

I can no longer hide

I can no longer run

No longer can I resist the guiding light

It gives me the power to keep up the fight

Love, thy will be done

Since I have found you my life has just begun

And I see all of your creations as one

Perfect complex

No one less beautiful

Or more special than the next

We are all blessed and so wise to accept

Thy will love be done

Love, thy will be mine

And make me strive for the glorious and divine

I could not be more, more satisfied

Even when there’s no peace outside my window

There’s peace inside

And that’s why I no longer run … 

(From Love … Thy Will be Done, by Nelson, Prince Rogers (Prince) and Marrero, Marta (Martika), 1991)


Like many (most) of us, I woke on Friday to hear that Prince (aka Prince Rogers Nelson, aka the artist formerly known as Prince logo.svg ) had joined a growing number of amazing entertainers that have recently died.

I know I am not alone in feeling – rightly or wrongly – that so many of the icons of our generation are leaving us. It seems too young, and I do feel a little sad (although not as sad as I was when the great Freddie Mercury died – he will always hold a special place for me). Still, a little sad.

I mostly feel nostalgic, though, as I hear the replaying of so many great songs as part of the inevitable tributes (as an aside, isn’t it a shame we wait until people die before we run tributes?). From his earlier music, such as Little Red Corvette, through to so many on the Purple Rain album (loved, loved, loved When Doves Cry), and then Raspberry Beret (timed beautifully for high school students scouring op-shops for cool clothes: ‘the kind you’d find in a second hand store’), and my favourite album of Prince’s, Diamonds and Pearls, which seemed to me at the time a perfectly composed album with some great songs. I played this on high rotation – a lot of memories.

I think, in some ways though, his skills as a composer, producer, director – the behind the scenes roles – were even more special. And that includes one of my favourite songs from the early 1990s (in fact, probably one of my favourite songs ever).

Love … thy will be done, jointly written by Martika and Prince, was always the perfect song to sing in the car, loudly, soulfully, overly emotionally. It was perfect for offloading any emotional baggage or singing to express joy . Yes, it is possibly a bit schmaltzy – possibly. But it’s not over produced, and with its stripped back power, it is also quite beautiful. Yes, it is a prayer.

As I was listening to it again (although despite my wonderful singing, failing to demonstrate to my kids what a great song it is), I thought about the lyrics again. I realised that, on some level, the words resonated with me.

I’m still working through the issues I alluded to recently – trying to balance what I am ready to write about with mine, and my family’s need for some privacy, and also how to write something that is helpful for me and hopefully others, while not overstating things. Lots of words, not quite ready to share.

But, as I said, it’s time to make changes in my life … I need to allow myself to be more of a risk taker, to tackle some issues I’ve been avoiding, and in the process, accept that I might make mistakes, and mess up in the process’.

And so these words ‘I can no longer hide … I can no longer run. …No one less beautiful Or more special than the next …Even when there’s no peace outside my window, there’s peace inside, and that’s why I no longer run …‘, nearly 25 years after they were written, seemed so relevant. I have been singing them, over and over in my head, today.

To have listen, here is the Martika Love … Thy will be done youtube clip.





And to Prince, thanks for all you have given us.

Rest in Peace.







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