Working on the night shift




Today it’s my time to ask the questions –

I’d love any tips and suggestions from any of you about how to make this weekend smoother, especially for my husband. Because, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, he’s filling in for another nurse. Yes, he’s working the night shift. Yay! 

We’ve been lucky. Since he’s worked in surgery / anaethetics, he’s tends to have a very (for nursing) structured timetable. Which works well for us, and also means he has close(ish) to normal hours, and normal sleep time. Except this Friday when at 8pm he starts an eleven hour shift.

Maybe I’m going over the top, but we’re hoping to put some things in place to see if he can recover as quickly as possible afterwards – after all, there is Sunday ahead, and family time!

So, the plan is:

  • Al will nap during Friday and Saturday.
  • We’ll try and keep the bedroom as peaceful – quiet and interrupted as possible
  • We’re being even more organised than normal with the kids’ activities so everything is ready to go (no last minute hunting for equipment and uniforms), coordinating the kids’ activities to minimise the noise of hunting for missing equipment
  • The kids and I will stay out of home for longer on Saturday – I need to think of some things we need to do (not enough time to do anything exciting between activities, really, but I’m sure we’ll think of something)

Specifically –

  • We’ve made an updated ‘Baby is sleeping’ sign (not quite as nice as the one above, but if it becomes a regular thing, maybe) as our bedroom is immediately adjacent to the front door.
  • Luckily, unlike me, Al can sleep with headphones on as we can’t do anything about the noisiness of our neighbourhood at the moment. I’m writing this as I listen to yet another house in the street being knocked down, this time almost next door, as well as the sound of the construction of two new houses close by. We are clearly a small street ‘ripe for restoration’* and Friday and Saturday are construction days. Our house is not very large, so it isn’t really quieter anywhere else – hopefully the headphones will work.
  • We’ll turn the volume down on our phone – anyone who needs to reach us during this time can do so by mobile phone. Yes, it’s nice to have a chat, sometimes. Not when you’re sleeping though!
  • We’ll go the long way around to come in and out of the house, to minimise the slamming of doors near the bedroom.
  • Today I’m preparing a slow cooker meal (and we have no plans for Saturday night – although I might take the kids out, maybe to friends for dinner? Don’t know yet). Anyway, a quiet evening for Al.


Other than that, I guess, I just the only other things are some general thoughtfulness – from the three of us, and hopefully from others.

I liked these series of someecards – helped to put things into perspective.



I’m open to any other suggestions. Do you, or anyone in your family, regularly work night shifts? What do you do to get through them, and get through the next days? Is there anything else to think about? Or is it best just to ‘suck it up’ and get on with things?






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