Seeing with fresh eyes


It’s been a wet weekend, up and down the coast. While we’ve been spared the worst of it in Melbourne, it has been a very wet weekend. Grey. A dullness of light.

Sometimes I find my mood can be reflected in the weather. But this time I made a conscious effort and I found instead my eyes drawn to the vibrancy of colour around me. In fact the greyness and drizzle enhanced the colour. As you can see from some of the photos, just from my small garden.

image image image image image image image image image  image

It reminded me, as I noted above, that even in on a bleak day, there can be beauty to be found if you look (and sometimes you don’t even need to look very far).

My good friend Fiona, who writes at Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, shared this quote below, which coincidentally had appeared in a book I’m reading (no, not Proust!)

It’s a slight rephrasing, I think, of the original quote, and a broader way of saying the same as what I’ve been writing.

Discovery – and wonder – can be so important. There is so much to appreciate, if you see things with new eyes.


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