Keeping it simple

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Sometimes I have a lot to say, and sometimes I have a lot I want to write – but sometimes life gets a little in the way.

That’s how it has been for the last couple of days. That’s how it will probably be for the next few days. We’re in school holiday mode and I’ve got a couple of days off to be with the family. And I’m practicing rolling with the slower pace, and simpler pattern to our days, at the moment.

So far we’ve been in restful mode. Lots of sleep, reading, some cleaning up of the house (but that’s just ongoing), a visit to my grandmother (who lives close by), some sports matches to partake in (footy never stops, apparently), a couple of movie and some gardening. That’s been pretty much the sum of our weekend. Very quiet.

Today we’re going to get a bit more active, hopefully, and head off for a walk through the Dandenongs somewhere (the plans with my husband – no idea yet where).

I’ve got a couple of posts I’d love to write up, but they require a little bit of thought and, so far, unless I get up earlier than the kids (no, not yet), I can’t write them without blocking out time from them and my husband.

And, for the next couple of days, no – I’d rather try and be present for my family (a challenge at the best of times for me anyway – I am trying to tame my mind that thinks constantly of all the other things I ‘should’ be doing. Not just yet, Mind. Those things can wait a little. Not just yet).

I looked at this postcard I collected from Heide gallery late last year, after seeing the painting on display. Very simple really, isn’t it? – wedges of colour painted between wavy lines. The painting itself is unnamed, with the artist not even adding a degree of complexity via a title.

And yet my eyes are drawn to it, for some reason. The interplay of colours, straight and wavy lines I find both symmetrical and complete, but with some energy and movement. A good balance.

I like it. It reminds me that things don’t need to be complex to be interesting, to be attractive, to be enough. Sometimes simple is good.

And so that’s my message for myself this week – and one I thought I’d share.

Simple can be good. Appreciate the opportunity for the simple and straightforward aspects of life.

And now it’s time to go – off for a walk in the woods somewhere. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Keeping it simple

  1. Simple is the best! Especially in school holidays when everyone just needs to stop… and breathe. I am often in the same bind though – block out time for me to write, or leave that space open for family. Because no, getting up before the kids is not (yet??) an option for me either. A walk in the Dandenongs sounds delightful though. Rejuvenating and umm…. ‘bracing’… in Melbourne’s recent weather. Enjoy 🙂


    1. Thanks Emily! It was bracing, yes, for the first half an hour or so. But then – like magic – we started to warm up. Who’d have thought, hey? It was actually a great day (and yes, that’s all we really did – spent around seven hours by the time we drove out there, and stopped at a cafe on the way back). Nice day 🙂


    1. Absolutely! And my husband would be even more strongly agreeing with you – he is much stronger than I am with the limits on screen time. And it’s so much better when we do limit it 🙂


  2. I LOVE this post and need to remind myself of this, simple can be good. I find I am always trying to drag the kids here there and everywhere to keep them occupied but I probably don’t need to :).


    1. I think often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, don’t we? They’re actually enjoying themselves, and it’s a lot more relaxing for us! (Having said that, we’ll go away next holidays – and we have been seeing movies, and they’ve got a couple of playdates / sleepovers and a musical to see, so they’re doing a few things) 🙂

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