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My focus for 2016 is to stop feeling frustrated about aspects of life, and take steps to improve them. I’ve decided it’s time to stop talking, and start acting.

I’m not expecting to master everything in life – I’m not looking to set myself up for failure – but to put steps in place to improve the way I do things, to make life simpler and less frustrating, and to enjoy life more because I feel healthier and more able to connect with others. It’s clearly a life long process, but, hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere!

To keep me focused, I am scheduling a program to try and tackle these different areas. Sometimes (often, I expect), the changes I will make will be small (sometimes very small), but they’ll start me off. Obviously, everything overlaps, as well, but I find trying to stick to a program is better than winging it, and I hope this program will help.

If you’d like to follow along, here’s my rough program:

May (Stocktake and preparing to make dietary changes)

  • Stocktake – it’s not all bad now! What to keep, and what to work on.
  • How to use goals wisely.
  • Improving my diet – adding the goodness back in
  • Stream-lining meal preparation

June (Information month)

  • Gatekeeping – how to reduce information overload
  • Cleaning up – sorting and storing information we need to keep
  • Ongoing systems to keep information under control
  • Personal awareness – emotions and reactions that impact how I receive and react to information

July (Exercise and sleep – part 1,  Food – part 2, and relationships – part 1)

  • The month of small targets – and routines!
  • Diet – Reducing those things that do me no good.
  • Personal awareness – giving back, personally and emotionally, to others

August (Relaxation and rejuvenation)

  • Mindfulness approaches
  • Relaxation approaches – activities that recharge me
  • Connecting with others
  • Awareness and gratitude.

September (Exercise and sleep – part 2, and Routine review)

  • Adding in some exercise goals
  • Developing and maintaining systems to keep going – adjustments needed?
  • Personal roadblocks – what are they, how to overcome them (or work around them, or accept / adjust my goals accordingly)?

October (Personal aspirations)

  • Career directions, family and personal needs, and recalibrating
  • Slippages – and picking myself up
  • Stocktake (nearly six months along). How am I tracking, and where do I go next?

I’d love you to join me 🙂

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